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10 Best Sports Cars of 2022

May 24,2022

Calling all car enthusiasts — get ready to rave over some of the best sports cars of 2022! This year is already bringing in some of the most diverse and varied exotic cars than we’ve seen in years past. From the sporty and sleek exterior designs to the latest technology, this list will give you a glimpse into the very best sports cars of 2022. Mazda

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Are Exotic Cars a Good Investment?

May 20,2022

Just like any other market, choosing to invest in exotic cars can have its pros and cons. Market trends are constantly changing and if you’re interested in buying and selling exotic cars, you have to learn that there will be ebbs and flows in popularity, price, and demand. Just like purchasing stock, there’s no way to be sure that your investment

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What Should I Know Before Buying a Used Porsche?

May 17,2022

If you’ve decided to join in the on the fun and become an exotic car owner, you’ve chosen a great time to do so — and you’ve found just the right place to help you get started. Diving into the used exotic car market can be scary. There are lots of things to think about, like finding the right exotic car to fit your needs, getting the best deal

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When Should I Sell My Bentley?

May 12,2022

Sometimes, things just make sense. Right now, the thing that may make sense for you is to sell your used exotic car. There are lots of things to consider before making the final decision and taking the plunge. Changes in your life can impact this decision in a big way and trends in the market may also be a strong factor in considering whether or not

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The Best Affordable Exotic Cars

May 10,2022

If you’re at all familiar with the exotic car market, you are probably aware that exotic cars don’t exactly come cheap. It’s highly likely you wouldn’t even put exotic cars and cheap in the same sentence, as they’re normally quite the opposite of each other. Depending on what you’re looking for, you could be looking at paying a million dollars

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What Makes an Exotic Car?

May 09,2022

The words “exotic car” does have a certain ring. It immediately brings a certain image to mind. They look sharp, they go fast, and they cost a load of money. But to tell you exactly what makes an exotic car is almost impossible, as this is often a matter of personal opinion. What qualifies a car as an exotic car? One thing is for sure: they are

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Top 10 Exotic Cars of 2022

May 04,2022

There’s no shortage of supercars and hypercars available in today’s marketplace. Each of these exotic cars live up to the hype surrounding it, but with so many out there, it’s time for a round up. Although it’s still early in the year, some impressive models from top automakers are already being snatched up on pre-order lists. Even some relatively

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Porsche’s EV Sports Car

May 03,2022

Porsche has brought lots of excitement to 2022 so far with the stunning new EV Taycan. To say the least, this is definitely going to be a favorite for those with a fancy for EV sports cars. Porsche has somehow managed to bring the best of several worlds together with the Taycan, including the lowest price, great performance, and even better EV technology. While

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What Defines a Supercar?

May 02,2022

In a 1920s London newspaper called The Times, a supercar was sort of a catch-all term for any car with the best performance, design, and tech, better than any other car at the time. In fact, the word ‘supercar’ in this newspaper was used to refer to the Ensign 6, which was able to hold the title by impressing car enthusiasts with fabric seats, a

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My Wife Wants to Sell My Mercedes

Apr 28,2022

“My wife wants to sell my Mercedes.” We hear you and identify with your pain. You love your Mercedes. You love your alone time spent with the windows down, cruising through town, with your favorite music bumping out the souped-up subwoofer. It makes you look so cool. This dream car glides smoothly out of the parking lot at work and comes to rest

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