Is the Popularity of the Manual Transmission More of a Spiritual Link?

The manual transmission is a right of passage, passed down from the generations before. For many, it was taught in an abandoned parking lot or an empty field. The selected location typically offers a speck of security to our father who has provided the sacrificial clutch needed to complete this ritual of learning. The statement […]

Do “Luxury SUV” and “Fast” Belong in the Same Sentence? Surprise…

Who ever heard of a “fast luxury SUV?” We all know when buying any vehicle we must weigh out the pros and cons before making a purchase. When you have a family involved or know that there will be other passengers, the task becomes harder, because you are now thinking of the needs of the […]

Do You Have the Need for Speed? These Luxury Production Cars Major on Acceleration

The taste for the finer things doesn’t always mean food. It can mean clothing, jewelry, or in this case, luxury cars. And for some collectors and enthusiasts, they prefer to focus on where high-end luxury meets speed demon supercar. They want the thrill of getting from point A to point B at tremendous speed while […]