2021 McLaren For Sale in Orange County

When it comes to performance driving, McLaren sets the gold standard. Whether on the track or in the showroom, a McLaren always shines. Renowned for state-of-the-art engineering and unrivaled performance capabilities, few vehicles can match a McLaren. Finding one of these rare exotic cars is not easy. Luckily, at iLusso, you can find a 2021 McLaren for sale in Orange County. Drive one of these amazing supercars and experience the difference for yourself. For those who want a vehicle with the ultimate on-road capabilities, look no further than McLaren. Continue reading to learn more about these amazing cars.

Red McLaren 720S

About McLaren Super Cars

Every McLaren comes with the backing of a rich racing pedigree. Since the brand began producing street vehicles in the late 1980s, its models have stood apart from everything else on the road. The same performance that has made McLaren a force in the racing circuit goes into each production model. Throughout the years, McLaren has continued to innovate and push driving technology forward. Now, they remain a global leader, making them one of the premier automakers on Earth.

When you drive a McLaren, you receive the benefits of comprehensive testing. McLaren boasts fantastic engineering and design in each model. These cars consistently receive praise for their dedication to performance. Everywhere you look in a McLaren, you will notice details that enhance the vehicle’s capabilities. Above all else, McLaren is committed to making cars that reach the highest levels of performance possible. For drivers, this means a thrilling sports car that can deliver excitement every time they start the engine.

McLaren Model Lineup

Within the McLaren lineup, you will find models that exhibit outstanding technology, innovation, and performance. Every year, the automaker unveils a model that brings something new to the table. These cars come built for the future with performance specifications that promise to hold up for years. With coupes, GTs, spiders, and now electric vehicles coming soon, McLaren excels in performance across the board. Still, an iconic style links each McLaren model and the lineage is clear from their top cars of the past.

Currently, McLaren splits its models into three categories, GT, Supercars, and Ultimate. The supercar series contains most of McLaren’s most popular and distinctive models. These production models are capable of on the road or the track. The Ultimate series contains models that are either forthcoming or track-focused. These rare models have incredible capabilities. Lastly, the McLaren GT focuses more on practicality while still incorporating fantastic McLaren engineering. It is slightly more spacious with more room for passengers and luggage. Here is more information about the most popular McLaren models.

Orange McLaren 765LT Front

McLaren 765LT

The LT badge is one of honor for any McLaren model. Longtail McLarens have a lengthy history and signify leading performance. For the 765LT, McLaren’s most powerful production engine is coupled with innovative aerodynamics. This makes the 765LT the automaker’s new flagship production model. Unrivaled in its performance capabilities, the 765LT gives drivers plenty to enjoy. Headlining the Supercar series, the 765LT is a lightweight speed demon that is guaranteed to get your heart racing.

Thanks to McLaren’s groundbreaking engineering, the 765LT’s specifications can match even the most advanced competitors. In particular, its 0-60 mph time, which stands at under three seconds, is practically unheard of in a production model. It can also climb to over 200 miles per hour at maximum speed. This power comes from a 4.0-liter V8 engine. Overall, the 765LT boasts 755 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. Equipped with such power, the 765LT is for drivers who want to push the limits.

McLaren 720S

Similarly, the McLaren 720S is another production model with impressive performance, power, and innovation. It is low to the ground and aerodynamic. Designers implemented the new McLaren MonoCage II for this model. This carbon fiber tub originally introduced for the McLaren P1 benefits driving dynamics and an ideal power to weight ratio. Combined with the mindfully engineered airflow, the MonoCage allows for tremendous driving dynamics. The 720S always feels responsive, even at high speeds and around tight corners.

Located beneath the middle of the chassis, the M480T engine stands out as the car’s most enticing feature. The 3,994-cc engine’s output reaches 710 horsepower and it produces 568 lb-ft of torque. This 4.0-liter V8 also utilizes innovations like twin-scroll turbochargers and dry sump technology. Like the 765LT, the 720S can accelerate to 60 mph in less than three seconds and tops out at over 200 mph. It all adds up to an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind driving experience you have to feel to believe.

White McLaren 720S

Legacy McLaren Models

Although the current McLaren lineup forges new ground, the British automaker has long pushed the auto industry forward. With more than a dozen distinct models introduced over the past two decades, many Legacy McLarens still hold their own. Take for example the 570S, whose aerodynamics paved the way for models like the 720S.

Of course, the Longtail line has its own classics. These include the 600LT and 675LT, which served as the building blocks for the modern 765LT. Thanks to the success of these models, McLaren thrives today and enjoys a reputation as strong as any automotive brand. With a proud history, McLaren’s success figures continue for decades to come.

2021 McLaren For Sale Orange in County

McLaren ownership is meant to be a premium experience. At iLusso, we believe that experience should begin before even buying a car. Find a great selection of used supercars for sale at our dealership in Costa Mesa, California. We consistently add to our inventory of outstanding vehicles from top exotic automakers like McLaren.

Currently, our selection of supercars includes a pair of 2021 McLarens. Act fast to get behind the wheel of a 2021 McLaren 765LT or 720S. Get in touch with our sales team to request more information. With our commitment to customer service, we can make purchasing a McLaren a first-class experience for you.

Orange McLaren 765LT Rear

About iLusso

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