7 Tips For Exotic Car Sales: Maintaining Your Car’s Resale Value

Buying a new car is exciting, but you should also think about protecting its value. Depreciation is the most significant factor influencing the resale value of a car, but there are several steps you can take to get it back to its original value before you sell it. Here are some tips to help you get the best resale value for your used exotic car

Think Before You Park

When you are driving to work or play, your choice of where to park your car matters the most. It can save you money and time. Parking your car in a garage at home will protect it from the elements and ensure that no one tries to steal it.

When you cannot park in a garage or under a cover, at least try to avoid parking under a tree. Tree sap left on your paintwork, causes significant damage. Birds perch on trees, and you know exactly what they do to your car. If you come across bird droppings, make sure to park somewhere that won’t cause a problem and clean them up as soon as possible.

It’s not just the natural elements you need to consider when parking your car, either. Another major cause of damage to a vehicle is being hit by another driver in a parking lot. When you open your car door into the next car, you’re likely to get a small dent. As an alternative to parking as close to your destination as possible, try parking away from the intersections, where you are less likely to have other cars nearby.

Regularly Clean Your Exotic Car

It’s common to clean your new car every few days when you first get it, but when the novelty wears off, the intervals between cleaning rapidly become longer and longer. By maintaining your car periodically, you can not only keep the paint looking good, but you can also notice dents and other damage earlier than usual.  

The exterior isn’t the only thing we are talking about. Taking care of the interior of your car is just as important. The sooner you take care of a stain on your carpet or seat, the better your chance of taking it out.

Make Use of Good Paint Protection Products

Paint protection products have a bad reputation, sometimes due to the high prices charged for flawed ones by some dealers. Nevertheless, it does not mean all are bad, so a good one that protects against contaminants is worth pursuing.

Even if you haven’t invested in an expensive paint protection product, once you’ve cleaned and dried your car, apply wax or shine. Some of today’s spray polishes are quick and easy to apply, and they produce a fantastic finish that you’ll be proud of while also protecting the car and its resale value.

Keep up With Servicing and Maintenance

We’d like to believe that if you bought a brand-new car, you’d keep up with the manufacturer’s service plan without being informed, as following all maintenance guidelines is an investment in your car’s future worth. Even though paying money to get something fixed might be a nuisance, you should consider it as an investment.

Fixing something quickly may cost a few bucks that could be spent on anything more exciting, but paying a little now could save you a lot of money later if you do not wait for it to become a bigger problem. 

Retain All Your Documents and Receipts Together

You should keep all of your car’s important paperwork, but make sure that all of them are in one place, such as a folder, so none of them get lost. You should also keep any receipts or bills for auto repairs so that you can offer them to potential buyers when the time comes.

People tend to think it’s better to keep quiet about any problems their vehicles have had, so potential buyers won’t think they are being sold a damaged vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When you can demonstrate you have had things fixed, it shows you have maintained the vehicle, and that there have been faults in the past which the new owner will not need to worry about since you have already taken care of them.

Fix Any Damage

When you ignore minor damage for some time, one of two things is likely to happen. One is that it could become worse and cost more to fix, or you might never fix it, and it will negatively impact your vehicle’s resale value when you sell it.

The point is not just to drive into an expensive body shop once you notice a dent on your door panel from parking at the mall parking lot, but once you have a couple of them or significant damage, take your car to the shop.

Buy the Right Car in the First Place

The type of vehicle you purchase can have a significant impact on the amount of depreciation throughout your ownership. If you’re looking for a truly special vehicle, check out our iLusso collection. We have some of the best used exotic cars for sale in the world. 

Once you follow these tips, you can get the price your exotic car is worth when you plan to resell it. Already thinking of it? You can count on iLusso for the highest cash offers in a minute.

No matter you want to buy or sell your exotic car, our dealership is renowned for its exceptional service. If you have any questions, our friendly staff can assist you and provide solutions to your financing and selling needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in one of our listings or if you’re ready to sell your exotic car. Contact us online or call our sales line at 888-351-1631. You can also visit our exotic car dealership at 2115 Harbor Blvd in Costa Mesa, CA. iLusso is waiting to serve you.

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