Why the Ferrari 458 Is Still A Car Enthusiasts Dream Car.

The Ferrari 458 is a mid-engined sports car produced by the Italian automotive manufacturer Ferrari. The 458 replaced the Ferrari F430, and was first officially unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. It was succeeded by the Ferrari 488. The 458 is powered by a 4.5-liter V8 engine, which is capable of producing 562 horsepower […]

The Ferrari Daytona SP3 Boasts a Carbon Fiber & Kevlar Body

Ferrari recently released the Daytona SP3 during an event at the Italian Mugello racetrack in November 2021. This new model was inspired by the sports-prototype racers of the 1960s and is a continuation of the Icona Series. The Monza SP1 and SP2 were the first two cars to be released in the series modeled after […]

Relive the 80s with These Popular Supercars

The 1980s will live on in the hearts of many as some of the best years to be alive. The crazy hair and wild clothes were more than just fads, they were a lifestyle to the masses. The music and stars of the 80s are still household names 40+ years later. Another 80s lifestyle just […]

What Exotic Car Companies Have the Most Repeat Buyers?

We all have our favorite brand of toothpaste and breakfast cereal. We may prefer one cola over another or insist that this coffee is better than that coffee. The point is, we have certain manufacturers that we buy from repeatedly. The reasons are varied and debateable, but we typically come back over and over to […]

What Should You Look for in a Used Exotic Car?

Do you dream of owning a famous-brand luxury vehicle? Your best bet as a first-time owner, or just an owner who wishes to save money, is to purchase a used exotic car. Whether you are physically standing on the sales lot of your local exotic car dealership or sitting in a comfy office chair miles […]