What Exotic Car Companies Have the Most Repeat Buyers?

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We all have our favorite brand of toothpaste and breakfast cereal. We may prefer one cola over another or insist that this coffee is better than that coffee. The point is, we have certain manufacturers that we buy from repeatedly. The reasons are varied and debateable, but we typically come back over and over to support the company that has earned the title of our favorite.

Does this also apply in the realm of exotic cars? Would a Ferrari owner looking to trade vehicles be more inclined to purchase another Ferrari or would they be willing to break the loyalty of the brand and purchase a Lamborghini for their next exotic ride? Let’s take a look at what exotic car companies have the most repeat buyers.


Being around for more than a few decades, Ferrari knows what it takes to deliver a premium exotic car experience. Their iconic look and racecar-level amenities keep them consistently on the top of many exotic car buyers’ list of favorites. Ferrari also boasts a cult-like following. Over time, the majority of Ferrari owners tend to stick with the brand when making new purchases.

With new sales slightly decreased for the year 2020, Ferrari is still a dominating force. Statistics show that a little over half of Ferrari owners are dedicated repeat buyers. There’s nothing like driving a Ferrari.

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Porsche has been causing a ruckus on and off the track for 73 years. The Porsche brand has been known for pushing the envelope from the very beginning. They ignored the current trends and put in place their unique spin on things. In the early years, Porsche implemented smaller vehicles compared to the larger automobiles they were once surrounded by, causing them to truly stand out. Their strategy worked as they have built an iconic name for themselves and have developed a strong customer base.

With new sales hanging in the 50k-60k unit range for the last several years, Porsche has held their own, armed with their prestigious German design and know-how. Porsche calls their version of brand loyalty “social acceptance,” and they have enjoyed its increase over the last several years.


With the guiding attributes of luxury and speed, Karl Benz put his first automobile on the road back in 1886. Evolving with the times and consistently developing new designs, Mercedes has generated a very impressive brand loyalty. Their motto, “The best or nothing,” has been proven time and again, and buyers have noticed.

Despite a slight dip in new sales worldwide for the year 2020, Mercedes increased sales in China. Current numbers show that Mercedes has one of the best percentages of repeat buyers worldwide.


From humble origins in the grape industry and first manufacturing farm tractors, Ferruccio Lamborghini introduced one of the most iconic and recognizable exotic cars in the world. Although the company has passed through several ownerships, it continues to produce challenging and spectacular products that retain a sizable number of repeat buyers.

Like most, they took a small dip in sales for 2020 due to the worldwide economic situation. But this small dip comes right after their most profitable year yet. Overall, Lamborghini is on track for a very successful year with new car sales. Their brand loyalty is at the top of its game compared to many. Implementing a new marketing strategy, Lamborghini is also working hard to appeal to new owners. This will only increase the number of trade-ins and trade ups, which will help raise their percentage of repeat buyers.


With 2021 coming to a close, new numbers will soon be available to draw a more complete picture of the exotic car industry. Like many other areas of manufacturing, 2020 and 2021 created some havoc that required retooling and a new approach. Almost every exotic car manufacturer experienced a dip in sales of between 9% – 30%.

Despite this challenge, our favorite exotic car brands are still providing their buyers with the best high-end vehicle experience possible. In the current market, there is no better time to seek out and purchase a used exotic car. Whether you are a first-time owner or a repeat buyer, the time is now. iLusso is your world-class used exotic car dealer, and we have streamlined the buying process for these modern times. Contact us today to spearhead your search for the perfect used exotic car.

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