What Exotic Car Companies Have the Most Repeat Buyers?

We all have our favorite brand of toothpaste and breakfast cereal. We may prefer one cola over another or insist that this coffee is better than that coffee. The point is, we have certain manufacturers that we buy from repeatedly. The reasons are varied and debateable, but we typically come back over and over to […]

How to Sell a Lamborghini

The time has come for you to sell your Lamborghini. You have most likely assumed this is going to be a huge ordeal and you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed with just the thought of it. Like many, if you are concerned the task may be too large for you to complete yourself, you […]

Who Owns Lamborghini?

Lamborghini cars are one of the famous brands when it comes to sports cars. Since it’s famous, you’re curious to know who owns Lamborghini. This simple question has a very lengthy answer. There have been quite a few owners of the famed supercar producer and its rights. It all started in 1963 when Ferruccio Lamborghini […]