Top Exotic Car Events in Southern California.

Southern California is home to some of the coolest and most unique exotic and hyper cars in the world. Here are the top car events in Southern California. Protective Film Solutions Open House: Protective Film Solutions is one of the largest paint protective, wrap and customization shops in Orange County that has one of the […]

Is The Bugatti W16 Mistral The World’s Fastest Convertible?

Thinking about Bugatti means thinking about a statement. Throughout history, Bugatti car models have bestowed a light of luxury among race car enthusiasts, and from the Bugatti Type 35 to the new models that are yet to come, Bugatti still holds the torch with flames as high as the velocities its cars can reach. The […]

What Defines a Supercar?

In a 1920s London newspaper called The Times, a supercar was sort of a catch-all term for any car with the best performance, design, and tech, better than any other car at the time. In fact, the word ‘supercar’ in this newspaper was used to refer to the Ensign 6, which was able to hold […]

Hypercars vs Supercars

It doesn’t take a super genius to know that there is a difference between a Toyota Prius and a Porsche 918 Spyder, but when it comes to hypercars and supercars, the lines start to get quite blurry. What is a supercar? What is a hypercar? The difference between the two luxury cars isn’t so obvious […]